Mirrored / Chrome Star Car Stickers – Small Pack 30+ Stars


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Chrome Stars – Small Pack

A pack of over 60 Chrome/Mirror
stars which are ready to fit to not only a car but any object (with a
shiny surface) you want. Also ideal for fitting on the inside or outside
of windows. Supplied in the following sizes: 2 @ 150mm, 4 @ 100mm, 11 @
60mm, 6 @ 40mm, 30 @30mm, 10 @ 20mm. Supplied in seperate pieces for
you to stick anywhere.

Not the easiest material to photograph for the web. Important to note that there is a wide range of mirror material available for sale. Many materials will begin to tarnish after 6 months in the sun. We only use 5 year Mirror vinyl from Metamark, we believe this is the best material available.

Ideal for shop windows as well.

We only use Metamark Automotive vinyl for our sticker material which is endorsed by Roland and other major manufacturers.

Need something different, just drop us an email and we will make it up.

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