Bumble Bee Car Stickers Large Pack over 40 stickers


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Bumble Bees Stickers

These are our largest pack of bees.

A set of high quality external or internal printed vinyl stickers for your Nursery, Car, Window.

These have been die cut as you can see from the photographs

These look so good I have stuck a set on my car.

The bees are supplied in individual pieces so you can stick them wherever you like.

Use them on any flat ‘glossy’ surface bedroom doors, as car stickers, window stickers.

These are very easy to apply and come in one piece.

A ‘BZZZZZZZZZ’ is supplied with every set

You will receive:

3 @ 160mm
4 @ 95mm
2 @ 72mm
9 @ 45mm
5 @ 36mm

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