Car Security Stickers – Registration Numbers


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60 Car Security Stickers

I have produced these from a personal perspective.

I like to work on classic cars and these are continually under threat from thieves, easy to break into and to sell for parts.

Alarms don’t work, all you can do is to try to slow them down.

These stickers won’t solve that but they may just help you recover your car (or parts of your car) and clearly identify it in the future if it is stolen.

These are manufactured to order, type in your registration number above.

Your registration number is printed onto ultra destructible vinyl.

Once this vinyl has been stuck to a clean dry grease free surface it cannot be removed.

If anyone tries to remove it it will come off in tiny bits.

I’ve stuck these discreetly everywhere on my car, inside door frames, at the back of the petrol tank, between the glass and the body shell and I’ve used the number system to keep a note of where they all are.

It’s likely a few of the stickers will be spotted but the hassle it takes to remove them will soon put them off.

60 reg number stickers
35mm x 8mm

2 Beware Stop Stickers
60mm x 14mm

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